My Memorable 25th

Happy Birthday अमोल, असे रात्री १२ वाजता mobile वर सर्वात प्रथम ‘तीचे’ शब्द कानावर पडले आणि नकळत मनामध्ये आनंदाची एक लहर येऊन गेली. Birthday… नाही नाही Happy Birthday असतोच मुळी असा. नातलग, मित्रमंडळी  यांचे येणारे SMS, फोन यामुळे एक वेगळाच उत्साह संचारतो, मग हळुच नजर Facebook आणि Orkut वरच्या शुभेच्छा संदेशांवर जाते आणि उगाचच आपला भाव वाढल्यासारखा वाटतो.
आज काय विशेष? असा नातलगांचा तर पार्टी कुठे? असा मित्रांचा प्रश्न ठरलेलाच असतो. दिलदारी दाखवायला यापेक्षा योग्य दिवस तो कुठला?
तर यंदा घरच्यांसोबत वाढदिवस Enjoy करण्याचा plan आहे, @मित्र  Party for sure पण नंतर कुठल्यातरी दिवशी ठरवू…
अरे हो, एक गोष्ट सांगायची राहिली, आज नकळत आठवण झाली ती बरोबर एका वर्षापूर्वी याच दिवशी कंपनी च्या project  साठी  औरंगाबादला असताना वाढदिवसाचे मला एक Great surprise मिळाले होते… त्यावेळेला तो surprise प्रसंग मी  शब्दबद्ध केला होता… आज तोच इथे मांडत  आहे, नक्की वाचाल हि अपेक्षा
——–My Memorable 25th————————————————————————————-7/4/10
A Big THANK to all my Bros for making my 25th birthday such memorable DAY…!

Due to professional commitments for very first time I was away from my family on my Birthday.

I would take a chance to tell you that incident which was happened on 7 April 2010 in Aurangabad. The whole day I was busy in meetings, project work, Discussion so couldn’t even think how would be the celebration tonight. Around 12 noon I have received a call from UD (Uday dada). He was asking my company address as he want to send me gift through courier. Then Dad’s turn He asked me to stay back at guest house after company and wait for one call (I thought, dad might have told his friend to take me to any hotel)

I had left company around 8.30 pm and went to guest house. Waiting ceremony last till 9.30 pm. meanwhile few calls from Dad just to ensure that I am in guest house. Around 9.45 UD called me again. This time he told me that Courier boy couldn’t find my address so suggested me to come at nearby place. Near to my guest house there is one famous Ganapati temple. It took me 10 minutes to reach at temple.

Where is that Courier Boy?

Suddenly from my right one car came near to me. On closely observing……Voila!! These are my Bros!! Surprise!!                                                                                                                   “I can’t believe it” this was the reaction when I saw them

Finally got into the car and slowly slowly tried to explore the plan…                                Abhay dada: Original idea and also cancelled one meeting.                                                  Uday dada: Fully supported despite of one tragedy (later I came to know before leaving Pune he mate with an small accident).                                                                                    Sameer: All the way from company (and yes next day he has to attend meeting in the morning).                                                                                                                                     Harsh: Sacrificed study time (next day there was practical scheduled for him).               Dad: Actor in supporting role (Not to forgettable, on that day around 4 AM he had sent me one nice SMS).                                                                                                                               Aai: Told me that we will definately celebrate your Birthday but never disclosed the details (really missed the ‘Oaukshan’ from you and Ajji)                                                                         Rest all: Indirectly supported the plan. (Thanks…)

Afterwards we headed toward Beed bypass as we already got information regarding resort ‘Madhuban’ from Sameer’s grandfather (Bhalu kaka). Party last till 1 AM and then all started (except me) moving back to Pune.

——–My Memorable 25th————————————————————————————-7/4/10

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